The Court will provide an interpreter to individuals with legal standing in a court matter. Typically, this service is limited to plaintiffs, defendants, victims, next of kin, guardians, and witnesses.

If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney should request the court to appoint a court interpreter for you. If you are representing yourself and you are using legal forms from the Law Library, please make sure to indicate on the cover sheet that you need an interpreter or bring this to the Court’s attention.  Please also specify the language and region/variation that is needed. 

State-certified and registered interpreters are provided based on availability of resources.  Given the limited number of interpreters the sooner we know of your need the better able we are to coordinate getting an interpreter.   The Court may continue your case until one can be assigned.

To request an interpreter, please notify court staff at the front counter or call (928) 753-0790

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters can be provided for court hearings, as well as for those called to jury service. If you require a sign language interpreter please contact the Court as soon as possible.

Become a Court Interpreter

If you are interested in becoming a court interpreter, information is available here